Who is Ray Swirsky?

Ray Swirsky AFCA ASA

Most of my life I’ve spent on the outside of the art world looking in, watching artists, visiting galleries, all the time suppressing my silly belief that I too could paint such fine works of art if I set my mind to it. In the summer of 2014 I was invited to a new friend’s home only to discover that this new friend was an artist with the most grandest artist studio. It was the first artist studio I had ever been inside so needless to say, I was impressed. What followed was some deep discussion about art and by the end of the evening I had accepted my friend’s challenge to pursue this simmering aspiration of mine.

With no formal education in the arts it was fortuitous that I signed up for art classes with an instructor that taught fundamental skills in such a way that I could understand. The concepts of how colour, value and intensity relate to one another I grasped quickly, but applying these concepts in practice with a brush and a pallet full of paint is a much more difficult task. Mixing paint on canvas? A scary thought, and something I am tasked with every time I stand in front of my canvas.

I most like to paint landscapes and wildlife from Western Canada, but I am always challenging myself with different subject matter from time to time. If you view my catalogue of work you will find everything from elephants to mountain scenes, still life to portrait, and birch trees to a water bomber over a raging forest fire.

My work is currently available at The Painted Moose Studio in Bragg Creek, Durango Trail Rustic Furniture in Bragg Creek, or online at this website.


Examples of my pricing below. Frames included on most pieces.

9 x 12     $200 – $300

12 x 16   $400 – $600

20 x 24   $900 – $1500

36 x 48   $3000 – $5000

I am always available to show my art at the gallery or privately in my home. Call anytime at 403-404-6692 to inquire about a showing, a particular painting or to have your very own commissioned piece.